Eva HoppeName: Eva Hoppe

Profession: free-lance comic artist and designer 


Artistic focus/specials: character design, comics, cartoons, logo type, concept design *


Inspiration source: Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Loriot, Monty Python, Tim Burton, George Carlin, Ralf König, Bill Watterson, George R.R. Martin, Dave Lombardo (Godfather of Double Bass), Urban Art, Fantasy and many more…


Role models / idols: Keith Haring, Claire Wendling, Tilda Swinton (to only mention 3 of them)


3 sentences about me:

I always seek to be learning something new.

I try to question everything.

I live with a great sense of joy and wonder, and a lot of humor!


3 sentences about PASO:

The idea of sustainability and the passion for traveling merge in a fascinating way!

A pictures says more than 1,000 words – PASO tries to sensibilize people for a sustainable behaviour.

With humour and a smile you win/achieve more than with a wagging forefinder. *


and about my flyer:

Also the inhabitants of hanseatic towns can still learn something about sustainability and environmental protection. *




Eva Hoppe

Comic & Illustration


E-Mail:      info[at]




PASO Flyer Hamburg
* paraphrase from German original