New Zealand

Name: Matthew Dean Kelly

Profession: Illustrator, Writer, Comic Maker


Artistic focus/specials: Graphic Story Telling


Inspiration source: Local Artists Working in the International Arena.


Role models / idols: Ben Stenbeck, Colin Wilson, Dylan Horrocks


3 sentences about me:

In my work I try to create a high standard of art, story and character creation to drive the themes and messages home. At my webcomic ( and in other works I have tried to inform and inspire a greater understanding of environmental concerns. I see graphic story telling as an ever more popular medium for getting across important and complex ideas to a wide audience.


3 sentences about PASO:

PASO has come up with a thoughtful, expressive and deeply sincere response to the environmental impact of tourism in New Zealand, which is very novel. The innovative attitude and friendly approach to their audience is very encouraging. It is fantastic to work for a non-profit group committed to ecologically sound living and travelling!




Matt Kelly


E-Mail:     matthewkellyillustration [at]