Name: Luis Landero

Profession: Illustrator


Artistic focus/specials: Tasty awesome design/illustration


Inspiration source:

A LOT of things, but frequently? Just life in general.


Role models / idols:



3 sentences about me:

Shoots to kill, then drinks the blood.

Mustard lover, 8-bit video game player, hip-hop listener, right brain abuser.

I enjoy questioning the world around me.


3 sentences about PASO:


Patrick and Sonja are some of the most patient and kind people I’ve ever met and if you get the
chance to work with them, don’t hesitate to jump on that train – it’s totally worth it.
PASO is a very smart project with a lot of potential for larger, insightful and lasting ideas that impact the way people live all over the world, I’m glad I got to be part of the start.
Luna’s Castle (the hostel where I worked when I met Patrick and Sonja) is only one of a handful of places committed to the idea of self-sustained recycling ideas, but it can only do so much around a culture that doesn’t get the big picture yet. is a way of trying to get there sooner, efficiently and with creativity from the places they visit. Help them.



Luis Landero

E-Mail: luis [at]