•Every drop counts•



“No water – no life!”  That’s why you should use water responsibly. Sometimes it’s hard to realize but even a dripping tap can waste up to 50 liters of water a day! Even 10 drops per minute add up to 208 liters a month! That’s why you should take this matter seriously because this “little  dripping” can easily result to a wastage of more than 2000 liters a year! So act now:


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•Precious indulgence•



When it’s freezing cold outside (like now), a warm bath feels so good. Make sure you enjoy it to the fullest as it wastes approx. 150 liter of water plus the energy for heating up. Instead, when you take a shower you only use about 50 liter and save money likewise.
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•Saving water can be so easy•



You wanna save money and do good for the environment? Here comes a tip with which you can do so with only little effort: Use an economical shower head and cut your water consumption in half! While approx. 14 liters run through an ordinary shower head per minute, an economical shower head limits this amount to 7 liters. And the best part is that you don’t feel the difference!

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•Keep cool – stay warm•



In the northern hemisphere it’s getting cold nowadays and what most of us are really looking for in the evening is a hot shower. So if you are heating your water with a boiler we’ve go some tips for you how to save energy.



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•Water consumption in general•



So here are some facts about the water consumption in general and what you can do about it:


The daily water consumption (in Germany) is about 130 liter per person (on average):


36% for bath, shower, hygiene (approx. 46l)
27% for toilet flush (approx. 35l)
12% for laundry (approx. 16l) Read more…


• The right handling of water •


It can be so easy! You only have to know how and in the twinkling of an eye you can save precious water and other resources!





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