•Every drop counts•



“No water – no life!”  That’s why you should use water responsibly. Sometimes it’s hard to realize but even a dripping tap can waste up to 50 liters of water a day! Even 10 drops per minute add up to 208 liters a month! That’s why you should take this matter seriously because this “little  dripping” can easily result to a wastage of more than 2000 liters a year! So act now:


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•Choose the right filling capacity•



The most efficient way to heat your water is the water boiler (or gas stove). The more water you heat, the more energy is used up and the longer it takes. That’s why you should only boil as much water as you really need.




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• Fridge – place it smartly and save money •



Have you ever asked yourself whether youe fridge is placed correctly? No? You should! Because only some inches can already make a difference in the energy consumption and hence on your electricity bill. The best place for your fridge is:



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• Reuse your cooking water •



Did you know that  the water you cook your noodles, potatoes etc with is also good for something else? Exactly, you can use it to water your plants. So don’t pour away your used (boiled) water but let it cool down and then use it for your plants.



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• Boil it up! •



Electric stoves are fancy and modern but when talking about their energy efficiency, they are not the best choice. The most economic and efficient way of boiling water is with an electric kettle or a gas stove.


Compared to an elctric cooker or a microwave these the electric kettle / gas stove need less energy and heat the water faster. If you don’t call a gas stove your own, use a water kettle to boil water and then put it (in a pot) on your electric stove. And now: enjoy your meal!





• Put the lid on•



Use a lid when preparing food in a pot / pan in order to save money and time. Because when cooking without a lid you use up approx. 3 times as much energy. That’s why you should use a fitting lid – if possible a glass lid because you can see the contents in the pot and its progress without losing energy when opening the lid to take a look inside.  Using a lid also shortens the cooking time.


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•Keep cool – stay warm•



In the northern hemisphere it’s getting cold nowadays and what most of us are really looking for in the evening is a hot shower. So if you are heating your water with a boiler we’ve go some tips for you how to save energy.



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•Cookies, cakes and rosts – tips for the oven•



The pre-Christmas period has just started and the smells of delicious cookies, cakes and harty roasts are everywhere! We’d like to give you some handy tips on how to save energy while baking!



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•Water consumption in general•



So here are some facts about the water consumption in general and what you can do about it:


The daily water consumption (in Germany) is about 130 liter per person (on average):


36% for bath, shower, hygiene (approx. 46l)
27% for toilet flush (approx. 35l)
12% for laundry (approx. 16l) Read more…


• Turn off early and save energy •



Most probably it’s nothing new to you that you should use a lid when cooking stuff in a pot / pan. But you can save a lot more energy if you turn off your oven right after boiling / heating up your food and make them cook with the residual heat to the point you want it to be.



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