A big “thanks” to those who help us to break new ground:


  • Family and friends for all the support:  being there for us, buoy us up, share our anticipation,  give us tips…


  • those of you, who support PASO financially and make it possible to print the PASO flyers




  • MARCO POLO for providing travel guides free of charge






  • Julian Vogel and his great project World Peace Walls for building bridges to some artists




  • Eva Hoppe for the design of the beautiful homepage header and the cool “Hamburg” flyer


  • Javiera Roa Fonseca for the design of the “Santiago”-Flyer  and the nice private sightseeing tour



  • Miguel T. Mealla Black for the design of the “La Paz”-Flyer, the nice confersation and arranging the interesting meeting with the local fire fighting department and theire support


  • Mads Lundgard for the provision of his “We share this world”-Spot and the “Eat-Local”-Cartoon